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Your Questions Answered

I've already heard lots of "misinformation" (or is it called disinformation?) of things people think I will do or things I believe in; none of which I have ever said. I know I can't stop the spread of nonsense, but I want to make myself available for anyone to ask their questions.

So for starters, I will answer a few that I have received:

Q: Do I have children in the School District?

A: Yes. My kids have always attended public school and was in a Highline elementary school until the end of 2019 when my own kids were falling through the cracks, one having a 504 Plan that was ignored and unsupported by the school. She couldn't read and was struggling immensely in multiple areas. I pulled her out and another child for personal reasons, feeling that I would take a year and homeschool them to remediate what I felt was lacking and to catch my child up. Then covid hit that year, and we just continued to homeschool, by even my older children joining in during the confusion of distance learning. Presently, we are doing a hybrid situation with children participating in a few classes and sports at a Highline Middle school, a Private High School, homeschool and a day program. We are all over the place, trying to make up the difference and it's working for us at the moment. But it's still not enough and I wish I could be more confident in what is happening in our schools and our children's declining academic test scores across the state and across the nation to have them participate fully in Highline again. You can view Highlines report card here and digest what this means for all our kids down the road. ---->WashingtonStateReportCardOSPI

Q: Will I ban or support book bans?

A: NO! Students should not have restricted access to information and good literature, and over the years, we have seen how some book bans have led to classical literature also being banned. I hope to encourage our students to pick Good and Beautiful books that inspire them, that invigorates their creativity, and broadens their perspectives. Also, it is against the law in our state as all county-controlled libraries (Including school libraries)are exempt from "Obscene & Erotic Literature" clauses. (See RCW 9.68.050-9.68.120)

Q: Are you Endorsed by any organizations or unions?

A: I am not seeking or taking any endorsements, as the role of School Board is non-partisan and should not be affiliated or tied to any outside influences or self-interests. I am also not afflilated with any groups, political movements, or agendas. I just want the best for my kids and your kids too!

Q: What will be your top priority in Academia?

A: Our steep decline in reading and comprehension over the past 40 years touches to all the other aspects of a childs' education and their ability to keep up and to build upon what they are learning. But if we are failing to help our kids read, using programs, expensive curriculum and disproven techniques that are not backed by independently studied scientific research and data, then we have already lost the battle by 2nd and 3rd grade. Nothing could be more equitable than to make sure all our kids are Literate.

Don't shoot the messenger!

Q: Do you support teachers? 

A: A resounding YES! Our teachers are the core of our children's positive childhood learning and growing experiences. My support is 100% behind our teachers, but they are being asked to do too much, and to do it with less resources and support. They are pulled every which way with new programs, agendas, curriculums and standards that change and shift all the time. I have talked with dozens of teachers who quietly came to me to share their overwhelming and heart-wrenching experiences as they felt they can't help and support every student, and every need they have and their frustrations in the lack of control, discipline and academia. Helping our teachers get back to the basics, and why we primarily  send our kids to school to learn to read, write and excel in core academics is so important! Parents and community members, programs and activities also help shape our children and help balance the necessary skills and character-building opportunities they need to be successful. It probably sounds unrealistic, but I have seen it work successfully in our lives and many, many others. I want to help teachers and I love to talk to teachers and find what works and what doesn't work for them, with what ultimately works or doesn't work for our kids.


Q: What role should parents play in a child's Education?

A: Obviously the parent knows their child best and wants what I best for them, and should take an active interest and role in shaping which educational direction or path is best for that student based on their needs and learning abilities. Parents should be communicating with teachers and helping to reinforce actions taken in school to help their child succeed. Parents should be aware and speak up when they see something that needs to be addressed for their child, and do so respectfully. We CAN and SHOULD work together to best support our children and our amazing teachers!

Q: Do I Support the Comprehensive Health Curriculum?

A: Yes! There is so much valuable information that I, (as the only parent volunteer to review the Highline Health Curriculum on their committee over several months) helped review and recommend curriculums to the School Board that will meet current state laws. Parents still have a right to review those curriculums and opt out if they feel inclined. Most of the information is necessary to help our children when it comes to Personal Safety, Hygiene, Substance Abuse, Mental Wellness and Social & Family Relationships.

Q: Am I a MAGA Republican? (*lol*)

A: NO! This is a ridiculous question, but the long answer is NO! I am an Independent and as this position is Non-Partisan, then politics do not belong here.

Q: Do I support SEL (Social Emotional Learning)?

A: Yes. There is value in these programs that can help students who are in need, and while I do wish for more time to be spent on academics to help bring our students up to speed and on grade level in greater numbers, I feel that many students could benefit from additional help/resources, especially for those who do not receive that kind of help or support at home or in their community.

Q: Can we bring religion back into the classroom to counter balance all this?

A: When we have several different faiths and beliefs represented in our student body, it would not be the place of the schools to uphold one set of beliefs over another. This includes religious or non religious personal ideologies. These teachings start in the home and should be respected and can be practiced by example at school, but never pushed on others. I hope to bring balance on these important issues.

What else do you have for me? Send me a comment or visit my Facebook to learn more!

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